For the love of creativity and sneakers. SATURDAYS cndl launched in may 2021, or should we say released? - and yes, ofcourse we released on a Saturday. Creating sneaker candles and referring to the actual sneaker community has always been the whole idea behind SATURDAYS cndl. This is why our brand name refers to release day, the candles look identical to the actual sneakers and the sneaker candles even come in boxes so you can have that great feeling of unboxing something that you have been waiting for. 


SATURDAYS cndl released in May 2021 however, the process of creating the perfect moulds and candles started 3 months earlier. Because yes, everything is handmade. The moulds and candles are handmade and even the boxes are handstamped one by one. 

We even do a quality control: each sneaker candle is being checked and sculpted to perfection. No B-Grades over here.